NBA Upholds Integrity: Permanently Revokes Privileges of Former General Secretary Mr. Nimi Walson-Jack

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), the umbrella body for all lawyers admitted to the Bar in Nigeria, has permanently revoked the privileges of its former General Secretary, Mr Nimi Walson-Jack. This decision follows a series of resolutions stemming from the NBA’s NEC meeting on December 15, 2022, in Abuja, where the association resolved to sanction members promoting a parallel organization, the Law Society of Nigeria (LSN).

During this pivotal meeting, the NBA resolved that Mr. Nimi Walson-Jack, who served as a solicitor for the promoters of the LSN, would be stripped of his privileges as a past General Secretary and suspended from the NBA National Executive Council (NBA-NEC). This decision was driven by concerns over Mr Walson-Jack’s alleged involvement in promoting the rival organization, which raised alarms about the unity and integrity of the legal fraternity in Nigeria.

Mr Walson-Jack, a prominent figure within Nigeria’s legal community, exacerbated the situation by refusing to show remorse or provide explanations following his legal dispute against the NBA. This deepened the rift between him and the association, leading to further disciplinary actions. Despite taking the NBA to court to challenge his suspension, Mr. Walson-Jack ultimately lost the case.

At the just-concluded second quarter NBA NEC meeting on June 20, 2024, the council resolved to permanently withdraw all privileges previously granted to Mr. Walson-Jack as a former General Secretary. This decision highlights the NBA’s commitment to upholding its values and maintaining solidarity among its members by addressing detrimental actions to the association’s interests.

The NBA’s resolution to permanently revoke Mr. Walson-Jack’s privileges underscores its stance on accountability and integrity within the legal community. It sends a clear message that actions conflicting with the association’s objectives will face severe repercussions.

This resolution sets a significant precedent for upholding ethical standards, unity, and loyalty within Nigeria’s legal profession, emphasizing the importance of collective action in advancing the rule of law and justice.

By taking such decisive action, the NBA reaffirms its dedication to safeguarding the principles underpinning Nigeria’s legal profession. This situation serves as a reminder to all members of the association about the critical importance of unity, ethical conduct, and adherence to the association’s objectives in fostering a robust and just legal system.

NBA Communication Officer


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